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Day 12. Flaky nose



My nose is very dry and the skin is flaking especially at the corners, the whole of my t-zone is starting to become drier, some blackheads on my nose but it's not too noticeable. I have an irresistible urge to scratch my nose.

It doesn't hurt to smile any more which makes me ecstatic. When people told me to smile because they thought I was sad, well I was, but the point was it hurt to smile - that was a really bitter experience. Made me feel so socially awkward. Now I am feeling more confident having less pimples around chin and mouth...errg!

I have found that spending time with my family really helps my self-esteem. Realising how vital it is to have family or close friends who will always love you, no matter how much your appearance changes, that there love and support for you is always there restores in you all the confidence you need to get through the worse of times. Spending too much time isolated can really make you feel a lot worse and drag you deeper into the depths of misery's well.

Love Goldmund


Hey I just started accutane too, I'm on day 19. whats your dosage right now? I hope all goes well. I will be reading your blog to see how your doing :-

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Thanks, hope all go's well for you to. I'm on a measly 10mg dose because my dermatologist was worried that I might become depressed, and as I'm with the national health service she has to be really careful as apparently I have a mental health history of depression. Super weak. It's definitely a lot more potent than the Retin-A I was taking before though, and I'm confident the dose will go up to at least 20mg when I see her next month, which is in about 2 weeks.

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