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Ahh go away acne!!! >.<



I'm now on dianette! I really do hope this pill will be a success otherwise I'll be looking at the dreaded accutane :pray: So I'll now give my routine: I use panoxyl, Cepton (face wash), Duac (Antibiotic gel) Simple moisturiser and an array of colour correcting gels for my scarring. I'm going to get Lumie clear a red and blue light treament for skin and N-lite a laser treament (EXPENSIVE) and I also take antibiotics. So the state of my face is more scarring than spots, I have scars on my cheeks mostly and jaw line but I have left over redness on my chin and forehead. I still get spots but the main problem is the left over red marks. So the plan is to stop my skin from producing sebum and get my acne completely under control so that I can then fade all the scarring. I'm not searching for perfect skin, I just want normal skin meaning getting 1 or 2 spots around the time of my period but what I have now is constant and it's really putting a hault to my life. I'll keep updating this to show how things work out. :wub:

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Let us know how your N-Lite treatment goes. I will need to do something for my own scarring and red marks at some point.

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