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Week 6, Day 5

Tommy Lad


The time seems to be flying by. I'm close to having been on the regimen for a month and a half. I feel as if I've been a little lazy with this blog recently but I'm managing to stick to a new post per week at the very least. So here we go.. status report!

So I was obviously bitching last week about the pimple on my cheek but I made a mountain out of a mole hill. I let it develop and then extracted it harmlessly with a pin. It's all just a little bit PIH'd up right now, but I'm cool with that.

My skin is doing pretty well at the moment. I get the occasional clogged pore and a pimple here and there (I'm convinced from ingrown hairs).. but other than that. All is good!

Unfortunately my house mate wants to head out for a walk so I better cut this short. I shall return and fill in a more comprehensive report shortly.

Hope anyone that is reading this is having a lovely day. Though I expect few people are.


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