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So i'm angry with my skin, and its not even that bad.

I got one tiny whitehead/clogged pore/thingy in between my eyebrows and two small inflamed clogs under my lip and under my nose, and i know i shouldn't freak out, and i'm not, but i'm still pissed.

I looked at my skin up close in the mirror for the first time in... three months, and all the red marks/ brown marks on my chin/cheeks horrified me, i forgot it was that bad.

So i stood infront of my mirror, holding my bottle of Eucerin with AHA for about five minutes, trying to decide if i should go ahead and try it again (i only tested it on my jaw for one day, and i got a tiny clog, but i have no idea if it was there to begin with, or if the Eucerin caused it) or just say screw it and let the BP do its job and the marks fade on their own.

Yeah, i went a head and applied it, it kind of balled up (with the flakes i think, not the BP) and it burns like all hell right now, but i'm just praying it wont break me out tomorrow.

I guess i'm just kind of desperate, i have a semi deadline of December to be clear and done with this, because my boyfriend MIGHT come to visit, so i'm scrambling to clear my skin up and at least fade some of these marks, he doesn't care either way, but i do, and i want to be confident when he sees me.

Also, i still have the pseudo-pimple on the side of my lip, I named him peter, he still hasn't decided if he wants to emerge and greet the world with a big, puss filled head yet, or if he's cool chillin' under the skin, leaving a big red blotch on my chin.

Thats all for now folks (if anyones even reading this >.>) Over and out.


Haha I know this is a bit belated but I totally laughed out loud at the Peter bit. Anyway, hang in there. I know how you feel! :-

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Haha I know this is a bit belated but I totally laughed out loud at the Peter bit. Anyway, hang in there. I know how you feel! :)
I kind of miss peter...NOT, I'm glad his painful annoying ass is gone :- but he didn't even leave a mark, which i'm ECSTATIC ABOUT, since most of-... okay well ALL my spots usually leave marks.I've actually been clear for over a week, and i'm starting to think its gonna stick for once.HELLYEAH.JPEG

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