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Day 10. Got a haircut



Today I got a haircut, well actually... I got all my hairs cut. I like it its short on the sides (not shaved though) and back and long on the top and longer on the fringe. My hair is naturally wavy so try to accentuate this feature. I have very big ears so need long hair to create the illusion of having normal sized ears, instead of ears like the buddah. The experience wasn't as excruciatingly painful as I thought it would be. Having always hated getting my haircut from a young age as my parents always insisted on it being very short to save money, and I always wanted to keep it long. But anyway now that I go on my own its still traumatic because it feels so intimate to have your hair cut, sitting in front of a mirror for 20 minutes while someone cuts off your hair - hair that brings immense joy to your life, it is for me. I may not have perfect skin but I love my gorgeous hair. I sit dead still in the cold chair but I'm squirming like a worm that's been cut in half on the inside. Happy with the haircut though and the price as I paid a quarter of the price to my last haircut, going to a barbers instead of a salon with a stupid name, and my haircuts just as good!

Nothing much to report on the progress of accutane, still have some painfull red cysts on my face and back. My forehead is clear as marble though and the texture of my skin is a lot smoother all over, spots healing faster. Making good progress. Lips are getting more chapped every day, my skin is not too dry, the eczema on my hands has been kept under control with vaseline hand lotion, if anything I would say the condition of my hands has improved!

Everything is stable enough in my life, not depressed in fact increasingly optimistic day by day, gradually healing outside and inside. Keeping off the booze and fags and drugs because as Mr Mackey from South Park elementary school explains, drugs, are bad.


That's right they are.

Still listening to Radiohead but making steady progress.

Peace Goldmund


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