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So i thought about making an actual LOG, but i decided against it, since i post too much anyway.

I guess i should start with a summary of my experience with Dan's regimen up until this point.

Week 1: Nothin' much, BP was a nice change from the disgusting Salicylic acid goop i used to use (according to my mom it worked, but the smell was too horrible to keep using, and the texture was like half-dried glue)

Week 2: Breakouts healing suspiciously slowly, Lots of flake-ys, Stopped using olive oil for a bit, was afraid it was breaking me out. finally getting some redness and random attacks of the itches.

Week 3: Soreness, already using the full dose of BP, A lot of stress, acne still hanging on.

Week 4: No real spots, just whiteheads / baby pustules, lots of hyperpig, redness finally subsiding, blackheads really diminished, overall happy with the experience so far, kind of disappointed i still have acne though.

Week 5: Don't exactly remember this one too much, was still getting spots, but no more redness and just loads of flakes.

Week 6: Again, completely hazey, i couldn't recall what happened for the life of me.

Week 7-8: Random spurts of clear days, like, i'd be clear for 1-2 days, breakout, clear for another 3-4, breakout, clear for a week, breakout, so its kind of like the BP is WORKING, but the acne just doesn't wanna let go yet, but its slowly losing its grip on me, Ha ha.

Now: Been having a couple clogged pores and whiteheads lately, totally jinxed being clear, and i have this weird, sore painful spot on the corner of my mouth, i'm blasting it with AHA moisturizer because it seems to help and i have no other use for it.

Thaaaats basically it for my first entry, No one will probably read this, but i feel better typing it out nonetheless.


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