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So I started Isotretin (the Italian medicine is called Isoriac) on Nov. 6th 2010. My derm is very cautious and says that Americans are too aggressive with medicine so she put me on 10mg for 20 days then 15 mgs (alternating betweeen 10mg and 20mg) for another 20 days. I tried to get her to start with 20 mg but she refused. Ive read that lower doses have a higher chance acne of coming back, so not too excited about that. I will try to up the dose each month.

I celebrated by getting a Kebab (like a Gyro) and roasted potatoes from this nice Iranian couple that own a place called Babylon. I had an awesome meal and took my first pill!

Today is the 5th day. I do not notice any difference. I didnt think I would with this low of a dose. I have 2 actives and a bunch of under the surface cysts that i can feel. Mostly around my chin area like always. The active under my nose hurst so bad..and wont go away! It keeps getting a hard white head I keep peeling off cause it looks gross..and it keeps coming back. I need to just leave that guy alone! My skin is still combination. Oily but at the same time flaky in some areas. Such a pain to deal with...that deadly combo. Im still using Duac and Differin at the moment since its still early and I have a low dose.

I have to jump through hoops to get my medicine here, its ridic. nothing like the convenience of the US. This is what I did and have to do each month to get my med: First wait in the derms tiny office with no nurses or anything, just her. Get her to write a piece of paper (not even a prescription) of the blood exams I need. Then I go to my general practicioner, wait about an hour (if im lucky -sometimes longer) . Get him to write the prescription for the tests. THen the next day (cause gotta go to work too!) I go the a seperate lab to get the tests done. I pay about 34 euro and they are ready in 3 days. Go back pick up the results, then head to the derm and hope she can squeeze me in to approve my exams. Take my exams and her instructions to my general practictioner (waiting another hour) and get the prescription. Go to the Pharmacy (at least theres Pharmacies on every corner practically). Of course they dont have the medicine...so have to return the next day to get it. PFFEWW. THats why ive been waiting 2 months to start this medicine. Its a whole fricken obstacle course.

This is the first month I did this, im sure its gonna get old after a few months. Oh well. Hope its worth it.

When I was at the Pharmacy, they asked me to help be their translator. There was this Indian guy who didnt speak Italian, just English, so the had me translate what he wanted to them and what they said. It was funny because he had acne too and he was looking for a lotion to help it. I think he was embarrassed at first I had to translate this issue, but I was there for the same reason, so obviously wasnt a big deal to me. Small world with the same skin problems.

Thats all for now! Let me know if anyone else started on 10 mg and what they went up to. CIAO :wub:


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