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day 57



had my doc appt this morning. im gonna be on 80 a day still and he says i will prob be on for 6 months instead of 5 just to make sure everything gets cleared up for good. that means i will be done march 15, and my birthday is april 15. hopefully ill be all cleared up and sexy again for my birthday.

all of the cysts on my back and neck and face and shoulders have greatly reduced in size and are all drying up, the only way i know they still exist is the white mark of dryskin that they left behind. at this point i dont think i will have very much scarring after i clear up and get a new tan. maybe a 2 indents from really big ones but so far it looks good.

now entering my 3rd month i have barely any active pimples or cysts and alot of leftover cyst marks that are red/discolored from my regular skin.

my workouts are still the same, almost done with my buckets of powdered muscle haha. ive seen some pretty good gains from them i think. i can tell im getting bigger in size. but what im trying to do is trim up the fat while maintaining muscle. (i mean who doesnt want to do that)

its proving to be hard to do cardio and maintain a healthy diet and still have energy to survive the day. i end up eating not so healthy but still not unhealthy foods and just lifting heavy and skipping cardio.

ive had 2 colds in the past month bolth lasting 2 days or so, which is weird. i have a new roommate so my bills will be cut in half :wub: so i can spend more money on my dirtbike (2005 RM 250)and maybe some winter tires for my car.

other than that chicken shit bullshit ill update with anything new and exciting


hell yeah buddy sounds like your doin good. Epic that were both into the 3rd month because its supposed to show the most improvement in the 3rd. And that shit is true - literally the day I started the 3rd month was the day I noticed my skin was starting to look better... super weird but fuck ya im stoked. Still have some actives but they have moved up to my cheeks rather than my neck which oddly im kind of happy because my neck look sooo nasty before im just glad to see the awesome progress its made. Still red but all the cysts are like completely down and smooth :- Cant wait for this shit to be over with so I can get back to doin work on some beezies!! haha - I was confident talking to good looking girls before when I had acne and cant wait to see what its like when I got nothing to worry about ya dig? As for the workouts still sticking to them as much as possible - Want to see what my blood tests come back like on wed after taking the pre workout. My derm appt is wed which will officially be day 66 - Everyday just keeps getting easier on this shit YEE YEE!! what day are u at now?

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im on day 63, yea ive noticed a big difference, ive already started talking to the beezies :- my face is pretty much clear, clear enough for me! my shoulders and chest is almost clear but i still have some marks. yea it doesnt even feel like im on accutane anymore other than the dry lips and taking the pills. ive been partying on the weekends and hitting it up with the girls not giving a shit about my confidence haha. yea i cant wait till this is done, my derm said i should be done at the latest march 15th, but maybe feb 15. and my birthday is april 15th so its gonna be epici started seeing my skin clear up like half way through the second so hopefully the 3rd is gonna be like a fucking godsendive gained 5lbs off this protein and shit and im almost done with both jugs of it. im loving the size, and ive been eating healty so ive been trimmin up.ill post pics on my next blog post to show off the sexynessand my blood test have been normal and ive been taking the premix for the whole 3 months

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