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Day 3



Hello all....

Today is Day 3 (and a half) and my face is starting to peel/flake/dry up. I have found an intense moisturizer by Cetaphil that really makes my skin feel good. I haven't had any redness (at least not any more than usual) and I haven't had any further breaking out-just waiting for the previous blemishes to clear up. I have read that the healing process can slow down a little while taking isotretinoin. Still no headaches or abdominal discomfort/nausea. The foggy feeling I was feeling the first couple of doses has decreased. I still feel kinda 'blah' and with less energy, but I just keep pushing through! The rest of my skin hasn't started drying yet ad my lips are surprisingly doing WELL! No peeling or cracking-yet. I keep the beeswax chapsticks and carmex on a few times a day so far. I fear that this isn't going to work as I am not seeing the usual side effects that people usually see by now!! I continue with 40mg BID.....

Sleep tight!


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