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One month!



Finally, one month of being on Accutane! I must say, and I hope I don't jinx myself by doing so, but my skin is looking much better. I'm even starting to feel a little confident. :wub: The dryness is starting to even out, except for my lips! They are still way chapped all the time. My doc just upped my dosage, I just hope my skin doesn't get much drier. I'll now be taking 60mg instead of the 40mg. She did this since I've had such a god response on the 40. Again, I really hope it doesn't get super dry! It's evened out to the point where I can actually wear some cover up. My skin is still pretty red at the areas where the acne has cleared. I haven't had any major problems thus far, and I hope t continues that way. I'll post some photos soon. Thanks for reading.




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