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November 8th- end of week two



Just finished week 2. So far my face has been acting similarly to when I had a "clear spell." Basically I have the little tiny whiteheads on various places on my face, but the only cysts are two on my chin. My face looks more even colored.

Downsides, my face gets more and more dry every day. Its not super bad but it does get stiff if I don't moisturize well enough. My daily moisturizer/sunblock is not enough and my face feels almost worse after I put them on. My lips are super chapped and peeling badly, to the point where people can see. I bought the small tubes of Aquaphor and that seems to take care of the lips pretty well if I keep applying it. Burts bees doesn't really help all that much, it coats them but it doesn't solve the problem.

I noticed everything is dry except my nose which will not stop running!

p.s. when I say everything is dry, I mean EVERYTHING. My downstairs is painfully dry, and not just during sex. Of all the side affects I feel like this is one that should have been mentioned. Everyone said dry skin, I assumed on my face and whatnot but I suppose everyone was too embarrassed to say that their vagina was dry. At first I tried just putting the sex lube on it that we had but it was too thick and disgusting, so I went to the store and it turns out vagisil has a vaginal moisturizer for everyday use- not for just for sexual use. That seems to be working well so far.


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