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45 days seems like such a long time.

I've increased the volume of BP I am using today again. It is now the 3rd week on "the" regimen. Now, I am not using BP ALL OVER my face. I leave some empty space on my temples and just below my temples on my cheekbones. I don't get any acne there and it just seems to be overkill for that area. So, I work around it. I hate hate hate the flakyness in the space between my chin and my cheeks....It's the ugliest form of flaking. Looks like I forgot to wash properly after brushing my teeth. But, I do get pimples there so I should not stop applying BP there.

I notice an overall brighter and smoother look to my skin. I do get oily on my nose but I don't mind shine that much, I hate dullness more. My acne scars are definitely fading. It's taking a lot of time but there is progress. I do not have any new pimples but I think I feel one emerging from under the skin on my left cheek....I'm "ovulating" now so maybe with PMS the pimple will come out. My skin is not too red or itchy (until I put the clindamycin cream on top of BP) but it is dry and flaky. The eucerin 5% urea cream is pretty good. It hydrates well, covers up most of the scaly skin I have, and is a GREAT base for makeup. I wish the tube was a bit bigger though because I can see myself going through these a lot while I have dried skin from BP. If you only have a BIT of dryness (on certian areas), you might as well just use vaseline or aquaphor (pretty much the same product imo) on those dry areas then a regular moisturizer on top. Still, I am very glad I purchased this.

I am definitely wearing less makeup. I think by having a smoother base (by using the Eucerin and sometimes a silicone primer), scars that are fading, and minimal or no active pimples, I look and feel pretty good. It is not a miracle but this routine (along with the antibiotics) is controlling my skin very well. Today I was talking to an SA (sales associate) about some products and she didn't even notice I was looking for a product for my acne. That's a good sign!

I am going to start using the Neostrata Skin Peel treatment a few times a week. Glycolic acid seems to work well for my skin.


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