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Day 11,12,13



AHHH so up until day 11 is when my face started to look... bumpy. It was weird, my face was no quite red yet but it didn't have a smooth look to it, and I didn't have big red zits, almost looked like welts. It kinda looked like an allergic reaction type of thing but it only looked like that on sat afternoon, went away, then at night it looked bumpy ugly again. On Sunday it looked okay, used cetaphil lotion which kinda calmed it down but it was still red. OKay so todays monday and my face looks like shit! I seriously want to cry! its crazy how you can go from your skin looking normal and having breakouts controlled to red, irritated and gross looking! I was at school today and felt so ugly. I almost want to cry thinking about it. The skin on my face is just starting to get that dry, tight feeling. Doesn't look really flakey. But my face is red around my cheeks, which sucks. I do want to say that my face has been wayyy worse than this in the past but I'm just freaking out because I'm not use to it. I'm so use to using my creams day and night, which has kept my breakouts somewhat controlled... to using nothing at all and praying this stuff will work lol I need advice. How did you guys get through this "initial breakout"


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Keep looking ahead. The first month is the hardest as everything under the skin is getting pushed out. Try to be patient and not pick either, this can leave scars for the rest of your life.I admit, I cried A LOT those first few weeks. I also think it's o.k to lay low for awhile and not force yourself to do things that are uncomfortable. I thought of my initial breakout (which was severe - huge, NUMEROUS cysts, over a very swollen face) as a medical condition and took time off from work, just like I would if I was sick with the flu. Please note that I am not saying avoid "life" until your face is all better - we wouldn't want this acne to hinder us from living our lives. :) Your face will heal and get a lot better. I will share two more things that was vital to me those first several weeks (and still) are praying and reading in my Bible the book of Psalms. I could relate to a lot of what he was feeling. :- Good Luck!

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