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Skin History



Well this is the boring part, the part where i get to tell you all about my skin history and my acne and what ive used and how bad it is etc. Well i am going to shorten this as much as i can to try and save myself and the reader(if there are any) a little bit of time.

Well i've had acne since about 6th grade

6th=Just a little acne, livable

7th=Getting worse, still considered mild acne

8th= Prettty bad acne, didn't really use anything though

9th= Terrible Acne, went to a dermatologist, kind of depressed....

10th grade(which i am in now)= i have been going over acne.org trying to find all of the best proucts to use, the dermatologist stuff(duac and tretinoin) helped me a lot but not even close to where i want to be, acne still all over my faces, sooo many redmarks and still occuring breakouts.

Well im ready to try the regimen, its about time after being on this site for so long. I will not be using dans products(no matter how much i want to) because my parents will not order them for me so i will be using other products like them. hopefully i will have as descent results as Dans.

anyway here they are

Clinique Foaming Cleanser

CVS generic brand of Neutrogena on the spot treatment(2.5%bp)

Cetaphil Moisturizing lotion

I will be getting these products in 2 days, to prepare my skin for the regimen in the next two days i will be using a 2.5% bp cleanser(night) and 2.5% bp moisturizor(morning) because i found them in my closet, can't wait to start and hopefully see results:) GOD BLESS


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