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Day 7.



It has been 7 days since accutane was first introduced into my system and i am always looking forward everyday that these bitches in my face would be murdered one by one for destroying my life for almost a decade!

my acne started when was a teenager (/highschool days), which for me, was kind-of acceptable because you gotta go through hormonal stages when you're growing up; but i noticed that my type of acne was different from most of my friends. their's was the typical small whitehead, small inflamed pimple and is either 2-3 zits from either the forehead, or the chin; mine was bigger, more inflamed, more white stuff coming out up top, harder (when u touch it), more painful (i guess the growth was pretty deep, esp in the forehead, i get headaches and excedrin cures it), and were in clusters, on both sides of my cheek and chin (yes, both. i dont know if these bitches hormones had an agreement on getting an equal share of space in my face) at first i figured it was normal, coz i thought everybody goes through this phase of life, so i didn't really care.

when i was in college, it got worse. my friends' zits were almost gone, or they would only have a 1-2 round, mild forms before their period, but mine was becoming nodulocystic, and yes, in clusters. i was pissed and depressed because i have a small, round face and my pimples looked like they were bigger than me. on top of that, i was diagnosed with having prolonged periods, so i guess my hormones were overactive, so OB & Derm prescribed a birth control pill for my period issue and my acne as well (one medication for 2 issues) they said i gotta wait for like 6 months, but was never happy with the result. my period issue was resolved, but my acne was the same.

i have tried antibiotics, cortisone injections, facial treatments, laser treatments, herbal soaps/ointments/creams, branded soaps/ointments/creams, prescriptive soaps/ointments/creams, borba drinks, proactive (didn't work for me; my face is more responsive with benzoyl peroxide than salicylic acid), supplements: N-A-D-A. you name it, i tried it all. i have spent a lot of money with all these damn treatments, and all i can do is blame my genes everyday (yes, i have a family history)

..and i am so fed up already!! my last resort is accutane and hopefully this miracle drug that everybody is bragging about will work for me! from my teenage years until now, i am already battling adult acne. this ruins my social life because i really have huge pimps that form in clusters especially when its 2 weeks before my period! i couldn't even go out! make-ups can't hide it because these aren't marks but flaring cysts and nodules, so its really very obvious and my friends would ask me all the time, "What happened to your face??!" like, yeah, did u forget that you asked me the same damn question last month?!

so i am hoping that accutane will be my savior with the hell im going through! im only on day 7, so i haven't seen the 'good effects' yet, but 'side effects' are starting to be obvious. my lips became super dry, chapped and flaky (and yes, its 90 degrees here on LA). i will tell you more about the other side effects, but this is the more obvious one for me; oh yeah, my hands are starting to become dry, too! in fact, i had 2 damn cuts already! and, no, i don't remember getting a papercut.

thanks for the patience in reading my blahs! pls share your AM-PM beauty regimen, diet/supplement, activity/lifestyle, make-ups and whatever u want to share in helping your sister get her life back together!! :wub:


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