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hey guys just a little update, coming up to 2 months using retin a. As iv said my skin was really looking damn good when i got back from my holiday 1 week ago. it carried on looking clear until about 2 days after i got back where i just started breaking out again. Recovery from that breakout still. The trend continues with retin a of just as soon as my skin seems to be clearing up, it suddenly gets worse again. Has anyone else experienced this??

trying to think of things iv done differently that may affect my skin since getting back, cant think of anything at all. My diet was pretty bad when i was away, due to the desserts in the buffet meals being too nice to resist haha, but this didnt affect my skin at all, as iv said it was looking really clear. I have been taking omega 3 fish oil tablets since i got back, as i didnt take them away on holiday with me. Im beginning to think that my bad skin is caused my the environment i live? sounds stupid though but does make sense when i thunk about it. Anyway, i'll press on and let you know whats going down, wish me look!


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