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So I think it's my last week before month four on birth control, yay..? There have been changes, no doubt. But the scars are killing mee, seriously it looks like I always have blemishes on my face because of these scars, when I really don't. The other week I had a LITTLE breakdown about the stupid acne and my birth control not working and decided to buy the AcneFree kit. It's basically like the regimen, benzol peroxide and then more of it. But it cleared up my bad breakout in around three days..WOW. It did dry out my face however, so I had to tone down using the wash twice a day to every night. I've had 2 or 3 pimples in the last week maybe with this.. and they were TINY so hopefully if I stay on everything I'm doing it'll be better. I've been getting a little side tracked on my healthy eating with Halloween and all, but I'll get back on track! :wub:


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