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Day 32



I picked up my 2nd prescription today. I couldn't find my ipledge login number and had to wait to talk to my derm so I missed yesterdays dose. I was actually half expecting my face to get oily today! Didn't happen.

The pharmacist gave me amnesteen this time. He said it's just another generic brand.

I did have a minor breakout today, but I'm pretty sure it's just my pores purging everything out. My nose and forehead are almost poreless, so I hope that means my chin and cheeks are next and thus breaking out.

Side effects are manageable right now and only my lips are getting worse. Does anyone have any tips for toning down the redness? I look like I'm wearing a Childs cherry lip gloss at all times!

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I understand your pain with the red lips! I've actually started using Burt's Bees chap stick with sunscreen (the kind for lifeguards). It is pretty much completely white, but it tones down the red lips and isn't shiny like Aquaphor. I do still use Aquaphor like crazy when I'm at home, though. Hope this helps!

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