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The visit to derm went good. Thanks to things improving I was more confident and raised more discussion. Asked that idea about Retin-a and Differin, she commented that Differin is too strong and mentioned Duac. And I`m going into 4th month on ROA, 10 mg still.

I am worried about financial part, going into drug store and coming out with 80 $ less (ROA and cleanser; ROA and creme), as an unemployed person... I often thought that I am in a bad cycle: acne > no confidence and alienation > no job > no money > no acne care > acne > ...

I have been using Avene Clean-ac Hydrating & Soothing creme, it has been very good against dry skin while on ROA, it ran out and there wasnt any in drug store, I purchased Babe` Stop AKN Skin Balance Moisturizer, my other choice was Bioscreen Diozinac. Now with some slight improvement in confidence I "stole" more of drug store lady`s time.

I stayed away from coke and chips for some 9 months now, and I dont have any problems restraining myself. I used to drink energy drinks like water, and potato frees daily. I didnt notice major worsening of my skin, that would make me stop all that. What made me stop was some unpleasant feelings near my heart. My family doc noted the high blood pressure 175/105, and I am on Enap (Enalaprili maleas) for 3 months already. I know I had hypertension, for a long time already, and if it has been 175/. for so long, I wonder what it feels like to have normal pressure.


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