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Week 4 (Day 30)



Dosage: 40 mg Claravis

Acne: Only 1 cyst left on my back, a few problem areas on both cheeks, and right side of my forehead.. Chest is completely clear!!

Side Effects: Nothing really new. Dry, red areas on the back of my hands are getting better.

I don't have too much to report this week. My monthly check-up isn't until Monday, and I won't get my next prescription until then, so I'm spacing out the few pills I have left (completely skipped this weekend). I really hope this doesn't affect my treatment!

My face is definitely bearable right now. I have more breakouts than I'd like, but no more than usual. I'm starting to wonder if maybe I won't have IB as bad as the last time I took Accutane? As for side effects, the dryness is barely noticeable. Even my lips aren't bad. Still using Tretinoin cream every night.

There is one amazing thing, though. MY HAIR! I can shower at night and my hair isn't greasy in the morning. I'll be enjoying this!


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