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Having a good day



My skin is actually looking pretty good today. I only have 2 small actives on my chin and 1 larger one on my jawline. This is the week I get my period and normally I break out way more than this. I've been on Diane-35 for 3 or 4 months now, so maybe that's why. Although before when I was on it for a year it didn't seem to help much. Maybe it's just a coincidence.

My skin seems to randomly clear up for a while and then get worse again, even though I don't change my routine. I remember having no pimples at all for my winter formal in grade 11 which made me really happy, but then it came back. And in the fall of grade 12 my skin was pretty much perfect, but that winter my skin was the worst it's ever been. Acne makes no sense.

I'm happy I'm going to look somewhat decent this weekend. I think I might text the guy I like and see if he wants to hang out tomorrow. Last time I saw him I had a few scabs on my cheek and felt really self concious, especially since he introduced me to a bunch of his friends and I felt like I was being judged by them. Don't want to waste a good skin day just sitting at home :wub:


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