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Starting 2nd month...



So I had my one month follow up with my derm yesterday. She was in and out pretty quickly and didn't have much to say. In general I derived that from here out things will be pretty uneventful. She kept me at the same dose, 40 mg.

I just got a call that my labs came back clean so I'm breathing a sigh of relief. I honestly get more nervous that I might have to stop accutane than I might be pregnant! Is that bad?

Anyway, not much is new with my skin. Some of the blackheads are clearing away to reveal very smooth poreless little patches of skin. I'm getting really excited to see that effect all over my face! My least favorite part at this juncture is the fact that I consistently look like I have a sunburn, my eyes are always bloodshot, and my lips are bright red. Other than that, I'm hanging in there!


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