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Week 3



I have reached week three of my isotretinoin treatment. Things are looking okay. Not 100% of course, but better than before I started. The patches of dryness I have seem to kinda be balancing out. Well, at least enough that I can apply a little bit of foundation to cover up the redness,

cause I have a lot of it. My breakouts on my face are fewer, but I'm not gonna get happy about it, 'cause I know at anytime it can flare up again. And they seem to clear up fairly quickly. Though I still have some large cysts under my jawline/chin, but they aren't visible to anyone. My follow up appointment is next Monday, I'll ask my derm again if she can gimme some more cortisone injections. My oil production has decreased dramatically! Which I'm very, very happy about. I don't even hafta blot anymore. Something I had to do about 3 times a day, and use up 2-3 blotter each time. I never really had a problem with oily hair, but my scalp is feeling a bit itchy. My lips bother me the most. They are so chapped they hurt, especially my top lip and the corners crack often. I apply Aquaphor like crazy. The corners of my nose are cracked, too. I forgot to post photos of me last week, but I'll but some up today so you can see the progress. Thanks for reading.




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