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I'm using more BP now since it's the 2nd week of Dan's regimen. I haven't gotten red for several days. A bit of itchyness/burning still, when using the clindamycin on top (after the BP has dried). For the past few days I have only used the clindamycin cream at night. I am using Eucerin's dry skin lotion with 5% urea in the day time. It's pretty good at making my flakiness less apparent. It's also a good base for makeup, once it's dry. Oh, I am flaking a LOTTT especially on my forehead and temples and the bridge of my nose. I feel like peeling them off but of course I can't do that. My cheeks just feel really tight and look pretty funny if I try to smile.

My overall complexion looks better. Much brighter. I still have a bit of a bump from that big period pimple on my left cheek but it's not bad. All my scars are fading quite well. I have something in between light and medium skin (not fair but not tanned) and I scar pretty easily which always shows up bright on me. When looking at me from a few feet away, you wouldn't really be able to see the scars, besides the one on my left cheek and a few faint traces of the ones from a few weeks ago on my right cheek. It's also much easier for my makeup to cover them, and my concealer seems to be hiding them well also. It's not because the concealer is better, it's because my scars are lighter and are fading.

Still no new pimples yet.

I missed a couple days of the oral antibiotic though...bad bad bad I know. I'm so terrible at routine with these pills. Although I'm doing good with the cleanser, bp and moisturizer.

Oh and I'm using Neostrata milk cleanser at night...that's after my makeup is removed and I only need a light cleansing. While it says it can remove makeup, it's really not that great for that purpose. When I use this cleanser I don't feel tight-skinned. I like the feeling. However it's too expensive for what it really does...which is only lightly cleanse. I feel like if it can't even remove my makeup properly, how can it "clean" my skin? So I won't be buying this again.

I have sooo much homework I've gotta get to bed now.


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