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Wheat, grains, glycemic load...



I've been reading up on the connection between acne and foods containing wheat, grains, and high glycemic loads. In light of my findings I have decided to temporarily reduce the amount of these things in my diet.

The reason for this adjustment is that I have been getting unusual amounts of breakouts and clogged pores in the past month or so. I'm on a weight-gain regimen, so when I gave up dairy in September I tried to make up for the lost calories in part by eating more bread and sandwiches. I suspect the recent breakouts may be a result of that.

I'm still in the process of retooling my diet as I'm trying to figure out exactly what foods these diet changes leave available to me. Right now my daily diet consists of peanut butter (lots of it), vegetables, fruit, meat, almond milk, whey protein, Cheerios, and eggs.

If anyone has suggestions for this diet change or recommendations for further diet changes, please let me know. I'm totally open to ideas.


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Hi. Just a thought, if your whey protein is fortified with iodine, that might be causing the breakouts. My dermatologist told me that people who consume daily protein supplements with iodine can develop acne. Also, don't know if this was a fluke or not, but I went off Almond Milk and back onto Cow's milk, my acne started to get better. (Could just be the meds I'm on... :- ) I used to eat a lot of raw almonds too (unsalted), and stopped that as well. I'm thinking I will just stick with cow's milk in small quantities. People have different food sensitivities, mine might be nuts. One more thing, if you are trying to build muscle, have a protein and carbohydrate food source available to eat within 30 minutes after your workout. Your body has an increased absorption rate during that time frame. Good Luck!

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Good advice. I looked all over the label of my protein supplement and didn't see the word iodine anywhere. I'm assuming it would be specifically mentioned somewhere on the label?And actually my acne has improved recently so I'm trying to stick to my current regimen. Something I'm doing must be helping. I would LOVE to start eating dairy again, but since I'm getting results I feel like I should stay the course for a while.

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That's great that you are seeing results! :( Half the battle is finding what works for you as we are all different. As far as the iodine in the supplement, not all protein supplements have it. It would be listed in the "Nutrition Facts" along with the other vitamins and minerals if it does contain iodine. A daily dose of iodine isn't bad, the problem can occur when there's a consistent overconsumption (mega-dosing) that can occur when individuals supplement with like three protein shakes a day or more.I was recently told by a respected doctor friend of mine (not a dermatologist), to try increasing my Vitamin C to 3000 mg a day. At that level apparently Vitamin C begins to work as an antibiotic and aids in the production of collagen. Both which works against acne and promotes healing. I started it today, so we will see if he is right. I tend to not believe everything I read or hear. However, my friend is extremely intelligent and he has said other patients of his have had improvement in their acne after a few weeks of taking this amount of Vitamin C. I sort of wonder if our digestive systems are so messed up it takes this much to get enough into our blood stream to make a difference. :) Anyways, :- sorry to use your blog to lay out some of the things I'm doing. :(

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That's interesting about the Vitamin C. I've been trying to consume between 2000-3000mg every day for a while now, though some days I slack off and forget to take it at all. I've read that vitamin C and citrus juice enhance the absorption of green tea, so twice a day I try to take a vitamin C tablet before drinking my white tea (a more potent version of green tea). I've also heard that it enhances absorption of MSM, another supplement I'm currently taking.So I'll definitely make more effort to get a daily dose of 3000mg and see how things go.

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