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November 1, 2010- Day 8



I just finished my first week on Claravis at 20mg twice a day. I'm hesitant to assume this is a miracle drug although I haven't had any new cysts develop in the past week and the ones I had that literally have not gone away in years are starting to go down and feel like normal skin.

My first side effects kicked in on day three, with a little bit of dryness in my eyes and on my face. Also I had a bad experience with Ketchup- apparently the sensitivity has kicked in on my lips. After putting out the fire on my lips I went and stocked up on some of the recommended products for use while on accutane, mainly Chapstick.

I've also started using cetaphil face wash for sensative skin. I was skeptical at first cuz it doesn't foam or tingle or do any of the things I'm used to with my face washes but everything seems to be going well. I decided to wash with a gentle acne wash I had and it resulted in my skin peeling between my eyebrows and on my nostrils. Not like snakeskin type peeling but like light sunburn peeling.

Also I picked up some body lotion and Dove cream oil body wash last night. I needed the lotion for my hands because they are already dry from washing them a lot and the body wash was recommended for dry skin. Although my body isn't drying out yet I suspect it will with a higher dosage.

I think that's about it for this update- I'll have another for you in a week.


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