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I hate everything about me.



I have acne. Not only on my face, but on my shoulders. I also got a pimple this morning on my STOMACH. I mean what the heck!? I'm 13-years-old. I skipped school today because i felt horrible about my looks. Some days i feel uglier, some days i don't. I'm super pale, so my acne is really noticeable. I don't go swimming anymore. I don't wear anything but t-shirts. I wear A LOT of make up but you can still see EVERY pimple. I hate taking pictures. I mark myself out in my yearbooks. I have thought i have been ugly since the 4th grade. Now i am in 8th. Next year is homecoming & I'm most likely not going to go because i hate my looks so much. I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING. I took this Dermavil when you take 5 pills a day..it didn't work. I used Proactive, Clean & Clear, Neutragina, moisturizers..ANYTHING. In Florida I wouldn't even go swimming. At the moment I have toothpaste on my face. I have had it on for the last 2 hours. I don't only hate my face. But i also hate my hair, my teeth, my weight, my eyes, my body, my voice, my personality & how tall I am. My mom has taken me to the dermatologist & to a councilor. Someone please help me.


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Okay first thing you can do is relax a little about it all. Believe me, I remember being a 13 yr old, and even a couple years later it's still rough, but you can't keep hating yourself. Everyone is different, and if you keep hating yourself it's going to ruin your teen years. Now for your acne, I don't know what type you have or how bad it is, but if nothing is working you can try Dan's Regimen, or, if you're TRULY desperate, birth control can help but i don't recommend it at such a young age. I'm using AcneFree right now, and so far it's doing a good job. Wash your face twice a day, vitamins help, eating good helps too, and using makeup that DOESN'T CLOG PORES is SO important! As for body acne just try a wash for that, those usually work. Go easy on yourself, it's healthy! :-

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Hey you! I completely get where your coming from! Believe me I had/have the exact same thoughts...it's really sad though seeing it from a different perspective :/ You're only 13 and already the media has bombarded you with thoughts on how you should look, act and feel!!! And not just you but pretty much any girl that walks through the mall, watches t.v., hears what the boys are talking about and the list could go on forever! I can't promise you the thoughts of feeling ugly will go away but the Junior and Senior High-school experience will and if you keep beating yourself up about how imperfect you are those moments will fly away and you'll look back with regret on why you cared so much about body image instead of hanging out with your friends at school or missed prom. To further diminish thoughts of feeling unworthy or not beautiful just pick a single aspect that you like about yourself that let that be the focus people see! And if people compliment you on something don't shrug it off but say thanks and add it to your confidence. Confidence is key (i know cheesy line right?) but its true! The more confident you act the more compliments (usually) you'll get thus making you feel like you belong. I know this is probably a lot of cheese-ball stuff but seriously I have so many regrets in Highschool because I was constantly downing on myself. The more you down on yourself the more people will not want to hang around you. People like to be around people that make them feel good/better. Just think if you had gone to school and smiled at someone instead of missing it because you were feeling bad about yourself you could have made someone elses day instead of thinking about yourself and horrible you felt. Hope this helps! Just be happy about who you and and everything will fall into place =) Please keep me updated!Best of Luck, Michelle

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Hey love I'm so sorry that you are having such a hard time with your acne and the emotional toll that comes with it. I have been there as well faking sick so that I could miss school because my skin was extra broken out. Have you asked your mom to take you to see a dermatologist? If your acne is having that big of a negative impact on your life maybe you should consider that. Keep your head up though it does get better. And I agree with the trying to stay positive and confident you can't let the acne make you miss out on important parts of your life :- try to smile

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