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Day 302 + roa



Ah, I was just thinking ... maybe I should tell something again about the products I'm using at the moment. 'Cause althought the Regimen didn't really work out for me, I kind of tried to keep to the scheme for cleaning my face.

I changed some products. I'm using very gentle products so they won't dry my skin out. I never rub my face anymore. I never touch my face or pick at my skin anymore. And I clean it every night. I think I've found the right routine for my face, because it never feels dry.

The products I use:

In the morning

- Garnier Pure A moisturiser (against redness)

At night

- Lush Fresh Farmacy or Garnier Clean Sensitive Milk

- Garnier Clean Sensitive Toner

- La Roche-Possay Effaclar H moisturiser (against dryness)

Today I'll be seeing my derm again. But I guess she will just keep me on the 30 mg/day.

EDIT: Just came back ... She thought it is better to go back to the lower doses, since I'm having so many side-effects. Especially the pain in my back and the dry eyes are actually very annoying and she said that the side-effects shouldn't be worse then the my acne-problem. For now I have to take 20 mg/day until my back and eyes feel normal again and then I'll take 20 mg one day and 30 mg the next day. So I'll sort of take 25 mg/day. And then I'll just have to see if that goes better. Pffff, I just want to be done with this :wub:

Acne: none!;

Roa: 203 days, 20 mg/day, total 4630 mg;

Side-effects: dry lips, dry hands, dry spots on skin, eczema, red/purple scars, muscular pain, pain in back and shoulders, dry eyes.


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