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Hey guys, 3 months complete today!! .. makes it day 93

I have some good news! .. Saw my derm today, he was happy with my progress.. im basically clear at the moment, aside 1 or 2 very small pimples .. barely noticeable.

He said if i stay clear for another 6 weeks, hes going to take me off this stuff. Im still sitting at 60mg. except i was very up and down with my dosage in the month just gone, some days id take 60, but due to side effects id find myself taking 40's on other days.

But this month, i want no excuses, i want all 60mg, everday. And hopefully in 6 weeks i can be clear 100% and come off this stuff

In other news ive started dating this girl, cute too, shes awesome and knows my situation with accutane. kissing her really does suck though, not gonna lie, ive been limiting it haha cant wait to get off this stuff. Edges of my lips ive been moisturizing like literally 6 times a day, they get sore very easily, lip balm im using atleast 20 times a day. Sore lower back, making it worse by hitting the gym. small price to pay for whats going to be the end result.

Hopefully this isnt just another good period my skin is going through and i wont break out again .. hopefully this is it for real this time, and the accutane is really kicking in .. BRING ON THE NEXT 6 WEEKS!! =D


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