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Uggghhhh I hate this itchy, red, and now dry/flaky skin! My skin feels so rough and hard. But this is reported to be expected so I have to keep it up. It's been 5 days of using Dan's regimen and 33 days of the antibiotics. I keep dreaming about clear skin, lol.

Big pimple on my left cheeck has dried up and flattened out. Using a spot of Murad's clarifying mask (with 4% sulfur) over night has helped it dry out a lot.

My face burns everyday and I feel like I've gotten darker? It's so tight and is starting to scale up. Not sure if I should use more of the clindamycin in dormer 211 cream I have, or to add my other face cream (Olay with spf 15 which is pretty good for my skin when it's dry). Maybe I will just start by using the Laura Mercier hydrating primer all over for a while, under makeup. I feel tight even when smiling, which stinks. Started my job today and I feel like I may not have made such a good impression (my job is fairly image-driven) because of the dry, scaly skin and makeup =(.

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Hi Poisson!I just found your blog and I'm glad to hear that your skin is improving! I feel like I might have similar skin to yours and I'm also on a very similar regimen from my dermatologist. My blog is long but if you want to check it out its here.My skin is also gets one or two big cystic acne along with the type that look like milia but are actually small acne that is just "sitting" in the skin and not coming to a head, so my skin texture is sort of grainy/bumpy. I'm also on doxycycline 150mg a day (well I haven't been able to get it filled but I will this week!), clindamycin phosphate lotion 1% solution and Retin-A Micro. I feel like your blog would help me out, and I think mine might help too. So thanks for blogging, and good luck!

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