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Day 297 + roa



Hello again!

I just wanted to tell everyone that I believe that my acne is actually gone! It dissapeared! It's a miracle! And it feels sooo good! I haven't had any spots for three weeks now. My skin feels so soft and it's starting to look better every day.

The higher doses is giving me some problems though ... At first I thought it would be better to go back to the 20 mg/day, but it will take me so much extra time, so I decided to stay on the 30 mg/day. The side effects are much more then they used to be. My lips are extreamly dry and no lip balm helps for longer then 10 minuts. My skin is dry and itchy and I get a lot of eczema spots. My eyes are so dry that at sometimes I can't even wear my contacts anymore, which is really anoying! And the worst of all is that I have a lot of pain in my back and shoulders. Especially when I wake up it is very stiff.

BUT, it helps! And I have to keep going on with this for just three months. It's so much better allready and I just know that I will look good when I've finished this. I honestly can't wait!

Acne: none!;

Roa: 198 days, 30 mg/day, total 4490 mg;

Side-effects: dry lips, dry hands, dry spots on skin, eczema, red/purple scars, muscular pain, pain in back and shoulders, dry eyes.


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