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It's my 33 days !



the big change is texture of my face become more soft, not like b4 what i talked about like sand paper in previous blogs.

still break out ,maybe i have period now, but seems the next day healing a lot, the worst thing is red marks remain :wub:

now between my eyebrow there is active one with painful.

my forhead is 90% cleared! :pray:

since i changed to Decutan from Roaccutane, today is the 3rd day, yesterday i noticed my nose a little oily, so strange, b4 when i took Roaccutane, after have dry skin, i never see any oily, but yesterday i saw ........................... :whistle:

What i am notice also i gain weight, especially my belly like ball, my god!!!!!!!!!! hope is not one of the sides effects? i anybody experience that?

b4 i did not care about my back, these days when i feel pain, i saw more than 5 active one, sometimes when i touch by accident, is horrible!

my dry lips really cant live without chapstick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that's all!

have a good day to everyone :clap:


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