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Hello again! It's been a while since my last update, school makes me busy :pray: Anywhoo, I'm getting kinda annoyed, I mean I start to clear up, and then outta nowhere get HUGE breakouts. I mean I guess to some people they aren't considered huge, but I hate them in general so to me its a big deall haha. I've been trying to clear up a recent breakout, I think it might have been from a goodtimes sandwich I had.. apparently my body hates that food, considering I never eat it... So staying away from that foreverrr and ever. I think my vitamins are helping a good amount, and hopefully the birth control is starting to really have an effect. I don't really get those painful cysts on my chin anymore, and those little bumps around my mouth are starting to decrease. Better late then never I guess.. :wub:


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