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I heart accutane: Day 22



I heart accutane. For today at least :wub:

In my extensive experience with the drug (ahem) I've found it to be pretty finicky to say the least. But ever since those horrid first 10 days or so and the allergic reaction last week, I don't have any major complaints. Right now I'm finding the side effects to be very manageable and my skin is looking so much better.

Those blackheads are still looming at the surface and I can't wait for them to push on out, but other than that, I really don't have any new zits, knock on wood. No, pound on wood with double fists.

The dry, peeling skin has almost been a godsend. I have some pretty deep scars and discoloration, but the Accutane has almost had an effect like a chemical peel (Phew! That's what it felt like, too!) Layer upon layer of my skin has been shed and it's starting to reveal a smoother, healthier complexion. I'll never have beautiful, glowing, poreless skin, but it's looking closer to normal skin every day.

There is hope!!!!


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