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October 25th 2010-Day 1



Day One

I am about to start my first blister pack of Claravis, the generic for Accutane.

Right now I have combination oily skin with cystic acne on my cheeks and chin. I also have the small pimples that come up almost instantly as white heads and go away fairly quickly and black heads.

Overall, my face is not as bad as it could be as I am on birth control and that has helped a lot. The reason I chose to go on Claravis is because the cystic acne I have is very painful, never fully goes away and scars whether I touch them or not. Even when my face is "clear," it still looks like I have a terrible break out.

I have tried everything from salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide face washes to antibiotics to diacneal and nothing clears up the cysts I get.

So far the only side effect- since I haven't taken a single pill yet- is when I tell people I'm going on accutane and they tell me that I'm stupid because it has so many side effects, and that I should try such and such treatment (which I've almost always tried). Those are the people who do not know anyone who has had the treatment and never had painful acne. The good news is that out of all the side effects, everyone I talk to in person that has used it can only remember the crossed out pregnant lady on the package.

I'll try to post once a week, for my sake. Logs like this are what helped me make my decision to go through with this and I hope that I help someone else out.

One more thing- I don't have insurance and I just paid $400.10usd for 60 20mg capsules after a discount program at a Walgreens in northern California.


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