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2 weeks



Today marks two weeks that I've been on isotretinoin. I still haven't gotten the all over dryness and flakiness, it's still just at the most active areas of acne. I'm getting steady break-outs, but they seem to clear up fairly quickly, but just to be replaced by new ones and so on and so on. The worst of it is at my upper lip. With how dry and tight my lips are, those break outs are making them feel worse and swollen. My whole muzzle feels tight, like if I laugh too hard or smile too big, that area of my face is just gonna crack in half! But my skin is purging, so that's good. I hope most of it comes out now, so when my dr ups my dosage, my skin doesn't go extra nuts. Also, my scalp has gotten drier and is a bit itchy. A lot of my oiliness has gone, which makes me happy. My skin is feeling a bit more irritating when I wash, or apply cream. I'm handling things much better now. This is a transition, and I know things will eventually get better. i have to go through this bad part to get to the good and I've come to terms with that. Thanks for reading.




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