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Waddup Week Two



Woahh it's been a while.. long busy weekend. Let's start by saying, i stayed at a friends house then went directly to a soccer game then to a tournament where we stayed overnight in a hotel. Where i had a little...breakdown about my skin.

i noticed how perfect all my other team mates skin were and it was killing me. But i did my best, got through it. My mom promised to take me to get this "blue light treatment" that erasers pimples for a few months, so you have to do it a few times year.

But when i got home, my skin look good. i don't mean clear, just better than it has been in so long! the redness is GONE, the bumps are being erased, and the pimples are clearing within days! i'm live in heaven here.

i did have to stay home from school today for laryngitis, but i'm going to use this as a day to give my face a break from all the makeup. friday is a big concert i'm supposed to go to with my boyy:) so i hope it keeps improving by then!

anyway, this stuff is a miracle product! i sweearrr to anyone, clinique acne solutions is worth it! the first week it may improve or get a little worse, mine seemed to flip flop back and forth, but now onto week two it's soooo much better! i can't wait for the 4 week mark!


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