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DAY 55



DAY 55

Wow, day fifty five. I haven't updated in so long, so much has changed! Since my dosage was raised I have been significantly drier (duh). I used to wake up each morning with my face an complete oil slick, now I'm pretty dry except for a little oil on my nose. Speaking of my nose, around my last post I extracted all my blackheads. Well, they all came back and now they are like completely at the surface. I'm not extracting them this time, I'm going to let them do it themselves. I still pick at my face constantly, every night in the shower I pop everything that needs it. I am starting to see pocket scaring though, but I can't seem to stop picking. I always think just one more pimple. Around mu mouth has been so dry and flakey. No matter how much lotion I put on, it is still dry. And disgusting, it flakes without me even knowing. It also burn when I put the lotion on, I think it's because the skin is broken. And two nights ago I waited to put on lotion, around my mouth turned white and liney, and flakey, and gross and I could barely move my mouth it was so tight. Disgusting. I'm still breaking out. I expected things to be better now, I guess not. I'm getting more pimples on my head then I was before and of course I cheeks are still horribly broken out with painful cysts. I have an appointment with the dermatologist on Friday, hopefully she'll up my dosage and my acne will improve soon. Other side effects. Hmm, dry skin everywhere and I keep getting pimples on my back (unusual). My body is so sore! If I get up from laying down my lower back kills! Same with my shoulders! Ugh, I hate it. I've been extremely tired. No matter how much sleep I get, always tired. I've been getting these really bad headaches that have been concerning me. I have a slight headache then all of a sudden I'll feel a throbbing behind my temples. I completely stop whatever I'm doing, it always catches me off guard. I lasts about twenty seconds but it's so intense. I've been getting headaches alot. My eyesight is a million times worse. Especially at night. But I can deal with those two, I just try avoiding driving at night. Sorry for the long update!

On a personal note, I turned seventeen last weekend, enjoyed that. I also had homecoming last night. It went so well except around my mouth was peeling without me knowing! It was so gross! I was so embarrassed :/ Uggh. Whatever. Hopefully I'll have clear skin soon.


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