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So I've decided that since I am using 2.5% BP gel anyways, I will use Dan's regimen along with the antibiotics and the supplements. I am using PanOxyl's bp aquagel which comes in 60g, it was about $10. I find that if I'm using it to Dan's recommendations (equal to half a pump), it stays very sticky on my skin. It has these little beads (of BP) that are white and take a while to disappear. I'm going to say that yesterday was day 1 of Dan's regimen. I'll see where I am in 4 weeks' time with that. So far I see a tiny bit of redness and some stinging on the skin with the BP (used it last night and this morning).

I still have those 2 period pimples on my left cheek (which WAS clearing up..red marks were fading) with one of the pimples getting larger and redder.... Argggghhhhh :wub: Hope it goes away soon. It doesn't look like a whitehead pimple that can be popped so I will leave it alone. It's just large, bumpy, and red. Easier to conceal than a whitehead pimple.

Sometimes I hate thinking about how obsessed I am with my skin. I feel like overall, it is okay, with a few pimples here and there. However my scarring makes my skin look 100x worse. I am lucky I had no real problems with it in highschool. This acne problem was my own doing back in 2006/2007 because that's the age when I started experimenting with different products like face washes and moisturizers. I think the best moisturizer I tried was Olay total effects 7...I had no oiliness whatsoever. The Neutrogena one with spf15 was pretty lame, though. After my antibiotic moisturizer is complete (I have about 1 month of use left of it in the bottle), I think I will go back to Olay or another simple yet high quality moisturizer, and use my derma e Skin lighten at night on the scars with a bit of jojoba oil.

Oh and I have to be more strict about taking the meds and supplements everyday. I eat at different times almost everyday so it's hard to stick to a schedule for that. I'll keep it on my dresser table where I won't miss it. It's usually in my dresser drawer so I forget about it some days.


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