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living with acne and now acne scars for too freaking long



I am a long time acne member of society, it has been so long since i seen a clear face..it's hard to live with this disease, is what i call it..i have tried many products over the years, the sad thing is i allow acne to control my life, i didn't have the confidence to be the perosn i wanted to be.it's funny but acne can literally make u a prision of yourself if you allow it. one thing i am gald of is to be a part of this community, to talk with people who are going thru the same thing i am..i now have less pimples as time went by, i am now 33, but have years of acne scars, do anybody know about the TCA method, does it work for ice pick scars..i am tired of living my life trap, can't enjoy life with my wife and kids fully becuase i am worrying about people looking at me.. it's so bad to me personally that i want even take a family photo with my family becasue of my acne scars,i need help..do anybody have suggestion on what sugery methods are the best for rolling and ice pick scars and reducing large pores..i also believe i suffer from hyperpigmentation disorder..this is the first time i ever wrote something like this on how i feel about my skin, i can't really even tell my wife this..for whoever listen to me on this blog.. thanks so much

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