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Exercising on the regamine?



I just started this regamine deal. I was wondering what a good practice would be during my day if i am working out/ exercising. For example: do the regamine in the moring around 630am. go to work. Get to the gym at about 3pm. After i get all sweaty i take a shower. . . . should i wash my face? if so with what? I do not assume it would be wise to do the regamine at that time of day

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In my opinion it all depends on what you put on your face after the moisturizer in the morning.Granted you don't have to worry about makeup getting gunked up, but some sunscreens pill or cease to work after sweating heavily.Best practice would probably be to go a few days without washing up after your workout to see if it causes breakouts (I never did when I used BP-- but then again I only do resistance work, not aerobic, so I don't sweat buckets.) Washing your face an extra time might be very drying to your skin.Cheers.Owl

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