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Week 3 of trying to treat acne naturally



I've had acne for approx 3 1/2 years now and I think I've tried pretty much everything to treat it. I've been on antibiotics for just over 2 years and although its keeping back acne at bay and the worst of the facial acne, I still get facial acne quite badly and at the moment due to hormonal imbalance issues my facial acne is a lot worse. My doctor gave me the BCP Marvelon which made my acne 10x worse due to the progesterone and turned it cystic which I still get now and which my chin/jawline area is still recovering from. A real party. Anyways eventhough my acne depresses me I'm sick of feeling sorry for myself so I thought I'd come off synthetic hormones altogether (my doctor took my off Marvelon and tried to fob me off onto another called Dianette which I don't want to take due to side effects) and go down the natural route.

I stopped taking the pill 3 weeks ago and my skins improved but im still getting infected spots/cysts on the chin area where the previous cysts were (I had 10 at a time) and I still get whiteheads and inflamed zits on the rest of my face. I wish I'd never taken it in the first place to be honest! But still I did, so I'm dealing with it.

I started taking Starflower oil (Borage) 1000mg a day, which is great for PMT/S and the skin and as I have supposedly mild Poly cystic ovary syndrome I thought it would help with that too, so I've been on this for 3 weeks, haven't seen a measurable improvement yet, but I keep hoping. Some say it takes a month or more to see the effects. I also started taking HRI herbal clear complexion tablets a week or so ago, 3 a day, again the improvement time is around a month so it'll be november before I see an improvement.

I also booked an appointment with a homeopathy therapist and saw her yesterday, about the whole hormonal emotional and physical side of things, shes sending me the appropriate tablets in the post, so hopefully they'll help gradually, I guess I'll have to see and that's why I'm keeping a blog, to see if my skin can really improve using 95% natural treatments (obviously the antibiotics aren't natural and I don't want to be on them forever).

I'm also using the Body shop Tea tree range primarily on my face at the moment, which helps to keep oil at bay and minimise new spots a little but nothing spectacular. I'm also trying not to pick at my spots and use mostly natural treatments on my face. I might try cutting out dairy too, and relaxation techniques, I will keep this blog updated, as I'm at my wits end and hope this route helps!


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