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Mirror Mirror on the Wall



Checked the bathroom mirror and my acne scar on my nose is progressively getting worse since the chemical peel. It seems like it's returning back to what it was prior to the chemical peel. It seems like chemical peels are pretty worthless. I've tried fraxel too but it did nothing for me except clear up some of my acne. No effect on scars.. Maybe I just didn't go to the right place. Fraxel seemed to age me too - I've got fine lines on my forehead that I didn't have before I had fraxel. Out of all the mirrors that reflect nothing on my nose, there is always one to remind me of what I have. I know it could be worse but in terms of how I feel, I wonder if it could get worse. I've had no suggestions as to what I should do about my nose. Maybe there is no hope. I'm losing hope.


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