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Day 11



i woke up today with a little b/o. Some small pustules around my lips, which hurt even though they're so small! And a few at my upper and lower cheek on the right side. I hope this is the start of IB. i just really wanna get that over with. I do have some cystic acne, of course, it's mostly at my jawline and under my chin, not really visible to others so that's okay. Still no all over flakiness, just at the more active areas of acne. My lips aren't really peeling, they just feel tight, I guess i the best way to describe it. The corners feel sore though. My body and hair seem okay, not dry... yet. I am noticing a bit of irritation of my face, too. When I wash it or put on moisturizer, it's starting to sting a bit. So I'm expecting the peeling to come soon, I hope. I wish I could just hibernate while all the gnarly stuff happens! I'll keep you posted. Thanks again!




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