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Feeling MUCH better...



Okay, so I tried cutting back on the AHA+ and I only use it every other night instead of every night like I was doing...so now my red marks are fading a little better which is good. You know, I was thinking about it and I realized how lame it is/was to be so frustrated with the red marks when I should just be greatful I have FINALLY found something that seems to be doing wonders for me. So, I have decided to drop the self pity :pray: and try to focus on the journey, not the destination.

Update on my status is I have roughly four active pimples. I referred to them as "roughly" because a couple of those are healing cysts/nodules so I can still kind of feel them under the skin, but they are not out and screaming for attention anymore. Ha-ha I went back to wearing makeup...just until these marks fade a little more. I have decided that the makeup also helps boost my self confidence right now which is what is needed some days.

Other than that, my husband has been commenting on my skin and telling me how much better it looks which I love and asked him to do....I make it sound like he is critical of me and my skin ha-ha :wub: He's not...just the opposite really and he has been tremendously supportive during this rough acne patch I have been going through. I am still hoping to get some pictures up...I think even though my skin looked really bad at one point, if there are others like me out there who are interested in the regimen and want to know if it really works...the pictures could really help.

Anyway, just thought I would check in...any comments/words of inspiration are always welcome!


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