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On our way, to the fifth day!



Mkayy, i just want to start out saying i've never seen such fast results in an acne product, ever! This stuff just keeps impressing me over and over again. There's one little downside, it makes my skin tight and feels like it's gonna rip. I'm hoping that's just a side effect until i get used to the product, but i can say no peeling and that's a huge plus!

I woke up today to a less red/less pimply face and was thrilled! My makeup is continuing to do it's job and cover up all day, i can look in the mirror and not feel terrible about myself anymore! Also, when using the Differin i noticed my face was EXTREMELY oily by mid-morning, with this stuff, not at all. My skin is smooth, soft, not oily, pretty much better than it's been in a whileee.

I did feel a pimple coming in under the skin so i asked my mom to purchase the Acne Solutions Spot Healing Gel which is also by Clinique. It's some pretty strong stuff let me tell you! you can feel is working the minute it's applied, i'm hoping it works to keep this sucker from coming up because it already hurt a little. Hopefully by tomorrow morning it'll be smaller and less painful. I'll keep everyone updated!

P.S. i had to go from school to practice to watch a soccer game to dinner with my field hockey team, and usually i would have to go re-apply my makeup after practice then before dinner, not the case today! when i went to the bathroom after practice i was thrilled to see my face looking so good and clear! this stuff is really helping in every way possible:)


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