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I've got to add another post for the day because I need help! I'm in so much pain! My lips are raw, swollen, and painful. The top layer of skin has completely peeled off and there are these tiny (needle point size) fluid-filled blisters underneath. It hurts terribly to touch my lips to anything. I don't know how it happened because I haven't gone without blistex for a minute since I started accutane.

Any help???


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Just "hearing" you describe it makes my lips hurt! OW! I don't know what type of blistex you are using, but from others I've heard it was the medicated blistex that gave them relief. Maybe after your lips begin to heal (or I guess you could try it sooner), I have been very happy with some of the Sally Hansen products. I use the Peptide Lip Line Treatment once or twice in the day and at night the Overnight Lip Recovery. The chapstick I use (as needed) is "Yes to Carrots" conditioning lip balm with spf 15. I know you can buy Sally's on line if you can't find them in a store. I'll be thinking of you!

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Thank you! I wish so badly I could use your suggestions! I saw my derm today and she stricly prohibited my using anything but desoximetasone (a corticosteroid for the swelling) and 100% petroleum jelly. Surprisingly, she said there is an ingrediant in most medicated lip balm that about 40% of people have an allergic reaction to. Most of us just don't use it ALL over our lips for days at a time like I was!

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