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How would I perceive it?



Sometimes I'm out and I picture other people having my scar and I think how would I perceive them? Having a scar on the tip of my nose feels silly to me but if another person had it I really wouldn't care. So then why has this messed me up so bad? I'm going to start posting places where I can see my acne scar. There's this place at Swiss Chalet that I want to go to soon to see if I can still see the scar. It's a dimly lit entrance where there's this mirror right at the front. I'm going to check it soon. There's also this bathroom at a restaurant I'm going to check soon. Am I crazy? Probably. Actually I'm sure of it.

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I wondered about this too. Some people have moles on their faces, some are born with pigmentation. I wouldn`t say I am better than some shallow individuals we all seen. I am sufferer, but I am also a sinner. If I see someone with mole/marks/scars/acne I will notice it, and I will spin whole life story of that person in my mind. Though I am not the type to look back on the street at someone of different race, point finger to someone in a wheelchair or smth other. I am good at giving the impression "I didnt notice, I dont care, busy to go do my own stuff". If acne has tought me anything: dont boost your ego on other`s misfortune. I wasnt the type to do this (as far as I remember), but, yeah...

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