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Day 85



Day 85.. tried going back up to 60mg, bad idea, got a neck rash come up

Neck rash with red slightly inflamed itchy spots.. very similar to mosquitoe bites. VERY annoying.

Called my derm, he said to moisturise it, and if no improvement call him in a few days.

Been moisturizing like crazy past 2 days, if still no improvement by tomorrow im going to call him and get some kind of cream for it.

As far as my skin goes my chin has broke out.. like 4 pimples.. not good. generally the rest of my face is clear though, so i really dont know what the hell is going on.

Main priority is to get rid of this rash though. you get over one problem, just so another can come up HAHA. accutane ay.

Oh well whatever, i can deal with it.. nearly finished my 3rd month this time next week, if by the end of my 4th month i havent cleared, i think ill start to worry.. lets hope it doesnt get to that and just keeeep on pushin' along


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