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Week 2

Tommy Lad


Right, the super boring bit about my background is out the way and y'know what, it was pretty damn therapeutic to just put it all down on paper?... screen? Whatever. So, I'm into my 2nd week of the regimen and here is my experience so far..

Week 1

After waking up every day to discover to my horror that I had 2-3 new pimples had begun growing on my face, I took the plunge into starting the regimen. I was terrified that I would just aggravate the problem and make it worse, but I had nothing else to lose.. I needed to man up and do it.

It seemed like a revelation. Having had new zits every day I suddenly found that the BP had stopped any new ones forming.. after just ONE application. I was jubilant! The only downside was that the BP hurt like a b*tch! A little research suggested this was natural and would subside and that jojoba oil was the solution. I bought some and it worked.. the redness, the flakiness and the pain subsided. This is a piece of cake I thought - it's going to work! I can have perfect skin.

Week 2

I got a pimple, the first one in a week (which was an impressive record of late). Unfortunately, it wasn't alone and over the next couple of days, a few more began to pop up. Ah sh*t. I guess I was too eager.

The pimples maintained a pretty steady pace and I started to stress that it might have been caused by the jojoba oil - so I cut it out quicker than a coupon in an old folks home. In reality, it was probably the fact that my boss was away for the week and I was put in charge of my department. The fashion industry is a stressful place to be even when you're not in charge of 20 people - so this was probably not an ideal circumstance for me especially as I believe much of my acne to be hormonal).

Sadly, the worst part is that I was hosting a party this past weekend and my skin almost seemed to be waiting in anticipation. Ready to spring up just in time for it. Acne, you are a cruel, cruel beast.

Anyway, I'm just about to head into week 3 and all the pimples from the weekend have essentially gone and left some lovely blemishes (rather that than active acne pimples though - be positive you clown!).

I guess I'm not sure if this return to improvement was a case of purging, cutting out the jojoba oil, stress... but I'm going to be cautious during week 3. I imagine I will experiment with the jojoba oil again and monitor it closely (maybe restrict the usage to every other day) and hope that my skin can start to climb that mountain again.

If anyone ever does read this (without ridiculous levels of boredom setting them into acute rigamortis), perhaps you might be kind enough to give some advice on jojoba oil application. Is it better to apply it before you use your BP or use it mixed in with the moisturiser as suggested by DK?

Have a lovely day.


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